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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 11, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11, on your side. >> we could be seeing snow. bob ryan will have an updated forecast. first, a passing of the garlic we have never seen before. a sitting pulp -- a passing of the guard as we have never seen before. the catholic church is in search of a new leader. >> pope benedict xvi became pope in the spring of 2005. some believe the church may turn to a new leader from either africa or south america. we're live outside st. matthew's in the district.
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>> we spoke with parishioners after mass tonight. they were sad about the departure, but they also said they were pleased with the direction he had taken the church. they hope that continues in that conservative direction. we spoke with young catholics and they said they believe the church is -- the time is right for the church to become more liberal. a traditional roman catholic mass under extraordinary circumstances. for the first time in six centuries, at a sitting pope is stepping down. >> he understands his frailty as a human being. >> the 85-year daschle pontiff issued a stunning statement -- -- the 85-year-old pontiff issued a stunning statement. >> i am kind of exciting to see
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the process of another pope. >> he is a conservative and appointed like minded bishops. vatican observers believe this stage is set for another pope similar to benedict. >> we will have another pulp that is even more conservative. >> the number of priests and nuns is shrinking fast. young catholics are leading the faith and large numbers. some feel -- >> i think if the church keeps going the way it is and we have another poke that conservative, they will continue to lose american catholics. >> we will soon know the direction the church will take and what continent the next pope comes from. the cardinals will gather next month to select the next pope. >> we are hearing from the man
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who currently leads the washington archdiocese as well as the man who succeeded yen. he's was one of the men who will vote on a new pope next month. >> it came as an enormous surprise. i received the news very early this morning in a call from rome. in addition to the cardinal, his decision to retire also caught the retired archbishop by surprise. he spoke on cnn tonight from the vatican. >> i had no prior warning. the catholic conference of the united states is beginning to do some more work to help the church in africa. i was your time to set this up. i turned on the radio and i did not hear anything and then i got a phone call saying, turn on the
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television. >> he is in his eighties, he will not be part of the conclave. there are about 110 cardinals under the age of 82 will be eligible to vote. there are several contenders in the wings. there is no obvious front runner. we will have complete coverage of this historic change within the catholic church. the 02 -- go to >> we're monitoring the repercussions from this weekend's blizzard in new england. he is asking residents to be patient as crews work to remove snow. parts of new england were buried under 3 feet of snow. as for our region, it appears likely that we could see snow in the next 48 hours. bob ryan has the first look.
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>> rapid weather changes, that is the nature of this week. you can see that new england did did a little bit of light rain today. for us, the winds are coming from the west. here is the next weather maker down to our south. that will become an area of low pressure, a southern schooner moving to our south. look at the temperature is right now. we are into the 50's. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. has the area of low pressure moves our way, it will start with rain. it is looking more and more likely that will end with some wet snow. maybe even in the immediate washington area, but especially for you folks west and north. i will tell you the timing. >> we're monitoring the
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developing story in chicago. police have made two arrests in the murder of an honor student who was shot and killed just days after she performed at the presidential inauguration. >> police in chicago said they have filed murder charges against to gain members in the death a 15-year-old hadiya pendleton. michael ward and kenneth williams were charged with first-degree murder. police say pendleton was talking to friends in the chicago park when once prospect -- one suspect opened fire. the headlines made -- pendleton recently returned from washington where she performed during the inauguration festivities. michelle obama attended her funeral and her parents are scheduled to sit with the first lady during tomorrow night state of the union address. that violence is expected to be
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a key issue. -- gun violence is expected to be a key issue. >> several other key issues will be front and center when president obama makes his address tomorrow. the economy and the possibility of sequestration are expected to dominate the evening. the federal government faces massive spending cuts march 1. many economists predict those cuts could turn the nation back into recession. you could watch these did of the union address right here on abc 7 beginning at 9:00. gordon peterson will be live at the capitol. >> that is always great for us. a major mass in the district after a tree comes down right on top of a metro bus. it came crashing down on the rear of that bus in northwest on 16th street. no one was hurt, but the incident -- incident forced police to close streets.
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>> tommy wells of the center of a controversy. he claims that to gain stop stores have used cell phones for sale and many were stolen from d.c. residents. >> still and smart phones have been a huge issue in the district. here at gamestop, they sell used funds. a lot of stolen funds may have wound up in stores like this one. we got these stores side of the story and is very different. today on twitter tommy wells wrote that two game stop stores were found to have hundreds of used cell phones, "all likely stolen from d.c. residents." he says he got be information
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from a d.c. crime briefing. a spokesperson says "we did an internal investigation there is absolutely no truth to this." a customer of the gamestop in southeast, he says he believes they are legitimate. the company says it has security measures in place to make sure secondhand phones are not stolen. >> they checked the registration number. >> police would not confirm if there is any investigation. they do say right now, no one has been charged with the crime. cathy lanier says, we discussed locations where people can sell used cell phones.
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tommy wells is considering a run for mayor. we asked him for an interview but he says he was asked by police not to elaborate. we're live tonight in northeast. >> news affecting a lot of people's pocketbooks, we are talking about credit reports that are often wrong. one in four credit reports have mistakes in them. those mistakes are often hard to correct and they can cause consumers to end up paying more for mortgages, car loans. >> she is one of the biggest stars in the history of daytime television. >> susan lucci will join the " all my children" reboot. >> the makers of mountain dew will be targeting you in the
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morning. >> joe paterno speaks out for
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>> the sex abuse scandal at penn state takes a new twist. the attorney family defends the legacy over -- the joke return of family defends the legacy. -- paturno defends the legacy. >> a for house and knew jerry sandusky was a pedophile, he would have done more. >> it has been quite a challenge. >> joe paterno lost his job reputation, and his life. she insists her husband was totally unaware of the sickness. >> he did not know what he did. >> the allegations leveled against sandusky made her sick.
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>> this belief, it is still hard to accept. >> the internal investigation led by the former director of the fbi that concluded that joe paterno and top administrators normally kept the abuse allegations quiet to protect penn state. >> i was in a state of disbelief. >> he should have followed through. >> sex abuse prevention advocates said efforts to redefine joe paterno is legacy should pearland comparison to rebuilding the lives to jerry sandusky is a victim. >> i do not want another child to feel like i did as a child. what is the most i can do? >> she hired her own team of
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investigators. the report that everyone should be focusing on is the pennsylvania attorney general inquiry into why it took so long to investigate an arrest of jerry sandusky. >> on a different note, the based daytime star of all time appears to be coming back. susan lucci . on one episode of the online version of "to all my children. " it is not clear whether she will appear in any additional episodes. they will go back into production later this month. >> we missed those scenes. >> if you did not get your tickets for beyonce this
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morning, and other d.c. date has been added to schedule. tickets sold out in just one minute. she will also perform on the 30th. >> 7 is on your side with the new product announcement. this is from pepsi. pepsi is hoping to tap into the breakfast market with a juice beverage called kickstart. it contains mountain dew however, it has more caffeine than mountain dew. 5% juice. it hits store shelves in two weeks. >> i can see teenagers lineup already. >> more caffeine than mountain dew.
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>> a nice day coming up tomorrow. i have some great pictures of the some said -- sunset. julie's and does that picture from ammendale. -- julie sent us that picture from ammendale. that is a beautiful scene. there are some wind advisories out, but it is for your folks in the high elevations. a around washington, it is going to be breezy. they will not be any really strong winds. nothing on radar. here is the next weather maker. down to our south, you can see some rain around the atlanta. also were they were hit so hard in hattiesburg mississippi they're getting more rain
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showers. this is from the survey team of the weather service. that is another example of why when you say it is not safe in the car, that car was tossed around in that terrible tornado. rain showers moving through new england. the folks are still trying to recover. tomorrow, and will be dry. the area of low pressure will be coming our way. a lot of sunshine in and around us tomorrow. as we get down into wednesday, i think it will start out as some rain. here is the timing, and here we are at noon time to 3:00. rainshowers writer around washington, temperatures. later on into the evening rush hour 5:00 or 6:00, those are
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the areas will likely to be seeing a bit of snow. not any big storm anything would be something. breezy cool morning when you get up and head out. temperatures into the 30's. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, fair weather clouds. temperatures in the low 50's, above-average. i do think ending with some wet snow. no major problems. by the weekend cold weekend. >> tomorrow looks good, though. >> broth night for the maryland women. -- rafik night for the maryland to win.
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georgetown flies past the golden eagles. the all that you can be.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we are now racing to a tournament time in college basketball. georgetown is rolling. we will pick it up in the first
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half. they do not waste time. porter, 11 of his 21 points. they never looked back. they scored 24, 19 turnovers. 16 points, a georgetown wins, 63-55. let's go to drum, north carolina. -- durham, north carolina. because of a double technical foul she was tossed right after this. 71-56. the wizards were in milwaukee tonight looking for their fourth win in a row. wizards in red, white, and blue. 2 and 55 pounds of force.
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what a night. -- 255 pounds of force. what a night. he ended with a career high 28, 102-94. for baseball fans, here we go. stephen strasbourg is happy and ready to go. he wants to be the next work force. 200 innings, that is his goal. >> it only makes us better. it will make us cook a little bit better. -- click a little bit better. >> are shot of the night comes from girls high school basketball. i bet you have never seen this before. it bounces in, that is our shots
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of the night. it beats the buzzer. yes, it does count. she shoots like leon harris does. have you ever seen a shot like that?
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>> an emotional ceremony at the white house today. the fourth living person to receive the honor for service in iraq and afghanistan. eight u.s. soldiers were killed in that battle. before the ceremony started his 18-month-old son nearly stole the show.
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>> a nice day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. once again temperatures and a 50's. we have all the information
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